What is it?

A bot that helps you bookmark tweets your like

Easy to use

Bookmarking a tweet is as easy as sending a DM

integrated to your favorite twitter client

You don’t need to leave your favorite twitter client in order to use botmarker

organize tweets into categories

You can add #tags to any tweet for a better organization

mobile friendly interface

No need to install any additional app on your phone


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Bookmark tweets anonymously

Protect your privacy (no need to ❤ tweets publicly)

integrated to your favorite twitter client

no need to use an external app

works both on mobile and on the web

same interface everywhere

organize the tweets you like into categories

find the tweets you bookmarked quickly and efficiently

keep a copy of the tweet you bookmark even if it gets deleted

you won’t miss any tweet your bookmarked

add article to your pocket/instapaper account directly

(coming soon)

trigger more actions based on the #tags you use

(coming soon)

add notes to the tweets you bookmkars

(coming soon)

How does it work?

After you Sign in with Twitter all what you have to do is

1. Find a tweet you want to bookmark, and click on the “share via Direct Message” button

2. Send the tweet to @botmarker

3. Add any #tags to the DM (optional

4. Visit botmarker.com to view your bookmarked tweets